#400 — April 7, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

100 psql Tips — You know how we occasionally include a Postgres “tip of the week”? This is a similar idea but bite-sized tips for psql in particular. If you have a psql session coming up any time soon, this is worth a browse! It’s also possible to load a single random tip if you don’t want to be overwhelmed.

Lætitia Avrot

Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant Elephant: Upgrading Discourse to Postgres 13 — A quick piece from the folks who run the Discourse forum system on their upgrade to Postgres 13. B-tree deduplication was the winning feature for them.

Rafael dos Santos Silva (Discourse)

Best-Practices on How to Speed Up Your Postgres Queries. Free eBook — We share our learnings from helping companies like Atlassian, CounterPath, and others speed up their queries.

pganalyze sponsor

Working with Roles and Permissions — Postgres’s extensive access permissions system is powerful but can be a stumbling block when compared to simpler schemes in other database systems. Here are a few queries to help you get a hold on things (the recursive query at the end is rather neat).

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Quick bits:

On the Many Upgrade Methods of Postgres — Bruce lists 8 possible methods for major major version upgrades and explains which suit certain requirements.

Bruce Momjian

[Report] Benchmarking the Cloud: AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure — Which cloud has the lowest latency? The best storage performance? The most throughput? This report digs into the tradeoffs each cloud makes - so you can choose the best option for your needs.

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Anything I Want With Sequel and Postgres — Janko demonstrates how Ruby's Sequel gem supports advanced features of Postgres, allowing him to bulk import CSV files into a partitioned set of tables that required some obscure PG knowledge.

Janko Marohnić

Managing the Logging of Pgpool-II on Kubernetes

Bo Peng

Preventing FreeBSD's OOM Mechanism from Killing Postgres

Luca Ferrari

🔧 Tools and Code

PostgREST: Serve a RESTful API from a Postgres Database — I was surprised to see I hadn’t linked to this useful project in over a year. It hasn’t seen any large updates recently but is still actively under development and could come in useful for spinning up an API in a hurry.

Joe Nelson and Steve Chavez

pgtt: PostgreSQL Global Temporary Tables — An extension to create, manage and use Oracle-style Global Temporary Tables.

Gilles Darold