Postgres Weekly Issue 28
September 18, 2013
PostgreSQL Data Recovery
Losing data is the single worst thing that can happen to your database, but sometimes things happen. Here’s an interesting deep dive on when things broke, backups that didn’t work, and how data was recovered.
All Your Base: A Database Conference for Web Developers (Oxford, UK)
In many ways, this newsletter was kicked off at last year's All Your Base conference when I, @craigkerstiens, and @peterc connected and began talking about creating a Postgres weekly. Of course, its also a great conference and you can get a discount of £70 if you register with code zer0wing
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Heroku Postgres - Fully managed Postgres on EC2
There's a lot to worry about when building your application; ensuring your database is secured, backed up, available shouldn't have to be part of that. Let Heroku Postgres focus on keeping your database running so you can take advantage of all the awesome features within Postgres.

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The rest
Postgres 9.3 feature highlight: Event Triggers
Postgres 9.3 is packed with great features, here’s a highlight of one of the lesser talked about ones: event triggers.
Taking advantage of bgworkers
PostgresOpen is currently going on in Chicago with a great mix of the Postgres community of contributors along with end users. The slides from this talk on background workers offers a great deep dive into a 9.3 feature, and other slides/talks will cover others which will make sure to include a they’re available.
Diving into Postgres JSON operators and functions
The new JSON operators and functions make the JSON datatype even more useful, here’s a specific example how you can get started working with some of the operators and functions.
Craig Kerstiens
hppt: High Performance PostgreSQL Tools
Author of the defacto Postgres performance book, PostgreSQL High Performance, Greg Smith has consolidated many of his most handy and helpful scripts into a single github repo for others to take advantage of.
Why PostgreSQL is so Awesome