Postgres Weekly Issue 23
August 14, 2013
What's new in PostgreSQL 9.3
Now that Postgres 9.3 has an official release date of September 9 you can start to get even more excited about the slew of new features. There's a great overview of them available on the PostgreSQL wiki.
Fancy SQL Monday: ON vs. NATURAL JOIN vs. USING
Theres a lot of options on how you do joins within Postgres, and even when performing the exact same inner join. Here's a bit of a both historical and informative look at the methods you can use today.
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The rest
The missing PostgreSQL documentation
An open call by myself for others to help contribute in improving the PostgreSQL documentation. As always if you have content you feel others would find useful suggest it to @craigkerstiens for inclusion in Postgres Weekly.
Craig Kerstiens
Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL
In case you found your way onto Postgres Weekly instead of the MySQL list by accident, here's yet another guide for migration from MySQL to Postgres.
A Flask of full-text search in PostgreSQL
From a talk at PyCon CA here's some slides, notes, code on taking advantage of PostgreSQL's full text search. In this case its integrated in a simple but elegant fashion with Flask.
Time in PostgreSQL: Outer joins
As a follow up to working with Time in Postgres here's a deeper dive on using outer joins and specifically with time.