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Postgres Weekly Issue 53
April 10, 2014
As always, thanks to Craig Kerstiens for continuing to curate Postgres Weekly :-)
PostgreSQL and the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability
Hopefully by now you’ve read about the Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL. What you may not have checked is if your Postgres database is vulnerable - here’s how to do that.
Magnus Hagander
"Postgres For Developers" - Notes From PGConf NYC 2014
From a talk at PGConf NYC by a core developer comes a look at a ton of helpful key features for being more powerful as a developer with your Postgres database.
Gary Sieling
DataFiller 2.0.0: Data Generation from a Postgres Schema
DataFiller processes a PostgreSQL database schema file augmented with directives in comments, and generates random data matching this schema, taking into account constraints such as types, but also primary key, unique, foreign keys, not null…
Fabien Coelho
Job: Postgres Database Administrator (San Antonio, TX)
Responsibilities include database upgrades, patching, security, troubleshooting and issue resolution, backup procedures, and performance tuning. In addition, DBA’s will provide support and direction to developers and other support personnel as needed.
Sponsored Item
Postgres 9.4 Feature Highlight: Indexing JSON Data with the jsonb Data Type
We recently highlighted a lot about the new jsonb datatype. Curious what it actually means for indexing and performance of your database? Well here’s a first look.
Michael Paquier
The History of PostgreSQL + PGConf NYC
From the recent PGConf NYC that just wrapped up here’s a beautifully done video that takes you through a bit of the history behind PostgreSQL. Perhaps you’ll even learn a few things about the project in this that you didn’t know before.
JSONB: "Wildcard" Query
One more look at the performance of jsonb. While this one is a bit shorter than our other this week, it came from one of the contributors of jsonb, and shows a clear win in Postgres getting the datatype.
mongo-sql (for Node)
An extensible SQL generation library for JavaScript with a focus on introspectibility.
PostgreSQL Columnar Store for Analytic Workloads
Citus Data just released an open source columnar store for Postgres. The columnar store boasts some huge performance gains in certain cases and operates as an FDW.
Citus Data
Postgresql Range Basics
Range types are one of the many datatypes in Postgres, and while not most commonly used when you do need them they’re extremely handy. Here’s a short guide on the basics of working with them.
David Hamp-Gonsalves
Curated by Craig Kerstiens and published by Cooper Press.
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