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Postgres Weekly Issue 47
February 19, 2014
PostgreSQL 9.4 - What I Was Hoping For
PostgreSQL 9.4 is just around the corner and while I previously wrote a few words about what's coming, there are several things that either didn't make the cut or ended up on the borderline. You can also jump into the conversation with your own take on the pgsql mailing list or the #postgresql IRC chatroom on freenode.
Craig Kerstiens
PGConf NYC 2014 Tickets - New York - April 3-4
PGConf NYC is just around the corner in early April with a great schedule of events and if you’re interested in attending we’ve got a special discount code just for PG Weekly.
From our sponsor
DreamFactory - Open Source REST API for Postgres
DreamFactory provides an open source REST API for any SQL database. Generate a live documented REST API for your Postgres database in minutes. Install the free open source package on EC2, VMWare, Azure, Linux, or OS X.
Other items
Database Patterns: Trees and Paths using WITH RECURSIVE in PostgreSQL
CTEs can be incredibly powerful and expressive within Postgres, allowing you to deliver recursive queries without plpgsql or another pl language. And heres yet another example of that, creating trees and paths with CTEs.
Database Patterns
Aggregating NBA data, PostgreSQL vs MongoDB
As the comparison between relational and schema-less databases rages on here’s yet another look at how the experience of working with one versus the other pans out. In this case examining how aggregation between Mongo and Postgres works.
Dimitri Fontaine
Valentine’s Day – A Day to Love Postgres
If you need a few more reasons why Postgres is a database, heres a nice simple list for you. And of course if you’re already subscribed perhaps its worth sharing this great list with others to pull them over to the light side.
Marc Linster
Indexes: The Neglected Performance All Rounder
When in doubt throwing more hardware at performance can often help, but so often overlooked are indexes. Here’s a great talk from FOSDEM on how they’re overlooked as well as where they can help improve performance of your application.
Marcus Winand
Curated by Craig Kerstiens and published by Cooper Press.
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