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Postgres Weekly Issue 27
September 11, 2013
PostgreSQL 9.3 Released
Postgres 9.3 is finally here, featuring JSON improvements, lateral joins, materialized views, foreign data wrapper improvements and much much more. Check out a variety of the things that people love about it from Josh Berkus, the Heroku Postgres team, to ReadWriteWeb.
What's new in PostgreSQL 9.3
This page contains an overview of PostgreSQL Version 9.3’s features, including descriptions, testing and usage information, and links to blog posts containing further information.
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The rest
GIN Vs GiST For Faceted Search With Postgres Full Text Indexes
Faceted search is a common feature of many applications, while many may swap over to another full text search solution Postgres can work quite well for it. Here’s a dive into which indexes work best with it.
Using Trigrams against Typos
Continuing his tour of Postgres extensions, after earlier covering earthdiststance and hstore, Dimitri takes a look at trigram, a text extension and using it for typos.
Encryption: MySQL vs PostgreSQL
If you need extra reasons to move from MySQL to Postgres and data security/encryption is important to you then you’ll find this quick read interesting.
Postgres_ext adds rank and common table expressions
If you’re using ActiveRecord and looking to take more advantage of some of the great features available in raw Postgres postgres_ext has some improvements to help, in particular adding support for rank and CTEs.
Implementing Multi-Table Full Text Search with Postgres in Rails
Curated by Craig Kerstiens and published by Cooper Press.
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Published by Cooper Press and curated by Craig Kerstiens